IMG_0207-1-2Lianne is a midwife, mother, educator, and an intuitive healer. Her passion is to empower people to  live their full potential.  In addition to her midwifery practice, Lianne offers one to one healing sessions, leads workshops, and works for Griffith University researching, writing curriculum and teaching in both the Bachelor and Masters Level Midwifery Programs.

Lianne uses and teaches an intuitive healing modality called Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to transform barriers in life, allowing the full expression of self to shine through. This is accomplished by releasing fears, past traumas, anxieties, and other energetic and subconscious blocks. From this background and success with using TFT in pregnancy and birth, the Tapping for Birth program was born.

With her rare ability to midwife consciousness, Lianne holds clients and students in a field of immense caring and facilitates them birthing their truest self.

Lianne lives with her family in Bali, Indonesia.

“Being with Lianne is like being with the mother we always wished for, a wise healer who’s compassionate heart provides the safety needed for the  truth to come through. She has a keen insight and deep caring that allow her to reach people in a way that opens them to the new possibilities birthing in their lives.”