“In my long involvement with TFT, and as one of the founding directors of the TFT Foundation, I’ve been associated with many TFT practitioners and teachers. Lianne is one of the most adept practitioner of TFT we have. If you have the opportunity to learn from her, I highly recommend you take advantage of it! She’s exceptionally skilled and intuitive–and has masterfully applied TFT to not only birthing and family matters, but also to well-being and personal growth in general.” MC

“Thought Field therapy has taken me to depths I could hardly have imagined in my quest for personal recovery. I was an International Aid worker for over 10 years working in conditions that were both directly and vicariously traumatic, though I had no cognizance of the toll this work was taking on me physically, spiritually and emotionally until I literally burnt out. TFT has helped me process a great deal of what I witnessed and experienced through my work, and I continue to use it as I progress on my journey to wellness.  I feel grateful to have the support of Lianne, who has been a caring an exceedingly competent guide through–and out– of some of the darkest spots in my life”. RM

“I first experienced TFT in a session with my midwife before falling pregnant with my third child. I’d had a lot of intense emotions I was holding on to after my first two births which were extremely traumatic. I found myself wanting to move on from the trauma, but not quite knowing exactly HOW to let go. Throughout that first TFT session I could feel those layers of trauma begin to dissolve. Each time I was asked to find the feelings and emotions associated with a particular memory, it became more difficult to find and was far less intense when I did locate it. The therapy did not alter my memory of events, it simply removed the trauma and intense emotional element associated with it. During my labour with my third baby, my midwife discreetly worked on my baby and myself to allow my body to open up. Each time this was done, I could feel my body open for her, and her respond instantly to move into the new space to be born. TFT is a wonderful and gentle therapy which has the ability to work on all levels; physically, emotionally and mentally. I have no doubt that by receiving the treatment, I have a better relationship with my family, with myself, and a new level of comfort with my past that may otherwise have eluded me”. R

“I’ve gotten numerous TFT treatments from Lianne over the last seven years. This woman is really tapped in to something special- no pun intended. TFT is an amazing form of healing and moving forward. I’ve been impressed at the instant relief I get from a variety of issues both physical and emotional. Lianne is a unique person – both extremely caring and dedicated to making a difference in people’s life experiences.”. RC

“My first and only experience using TFT [so far] was to treat a wounded nipple!  I was breastfeeding my 12 month old and while she was half asleep, she grazed me with her teeth and left me with a cut that became mildly infected.  The pain associated with feeding her had been increasing with each day and I was also feeling anxious before her feeds.  Stubbornly, I was avoiding a visit to a doctor for fear that they would scare me into taking antibiotics.  Instead, I visited a registered midwife who also does tapping.  She checked me out, and after a short process, taught me a very simple tapping sequence that took just a few minutes to carry out at home.  Immediately, the pain and anxiety surrounding a feed was much less, if I did some of the tapping before and during her feed. After a few days of using the tapping sequence, the infection cleared up!  No antibiotics needed and I was able to happily continue breast feeding.  Yeah for TFT!” KB

“I am so grateful that my midwife Lianne offered Thought Field Therapy to me throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum time. I experienced many ups and downs on my journey into motherhood and this technique has helped me so much. I feel like TFT resets my entire nervous system back to normal everytime I have a physical or emotional upset and use the technique. It also gave me strength to surrender even deeper during the intensity of my labor. I love how simple tapping is and how quickly I receive the benefits. Often I would call Lianne on the phone with a problem and within minutes it would be completely gone. It was such an unexpected gift that my midwife brought me this tool for personal change and healing. I hope that many more women get to experience the benefits of TFT during this special and transformative time in their lives.” M