Ibu Robin Lim on TFT & Childbirth

ibu robin
I am quite convinced that nothing tests our humanity like childbirth. It is necessary to become a heroine to become a mother. Pregnancy and childbirth, postpartum, breastfeeding and mothering are outstanding achievements. Being a mom is a superpower. Yet, it is the softest most open-hearted endeavor in the world. Welcome to motherhood, the loveliest conundrum.

Each of us wears masks and builds layers of protection. We survive in the harsh hive of society due to our cunning at hiding and shielding our authentic selves from any perceived threat. This begins in childhood, with the first criticisms we experience. Over the course of our lifetime we grow a persona and wear it day and night, until we perceive this “animus” as our true self.

Pregnancy and it’s fulfillment; childbirth, are entirely feminine in nature. The masculine animus cannot give birth. Physically labor is the process of the cervix opening and the body allowing the baby to descend and emerge. Psychologically and spiritually labor is the process of removing masks and stripping away each and every layer of protection we have manufactured over a lifetime. Labor is driven by the very shy hormone: oxytocin, the hormone of love. Only the “anima” the oxytocin rich feminine core of our being, naked and vulnerable, soft and un-burnished, may give birth naturally. The more reinforced and defended the woman is, the longer and more challenging her labor may be. In our complicated day and age, women coping with perceived and real threats are facing childbirth charged with fear.

The question birth-keepers face is: “How can we create web of safety around the expectant mother, so that she may let go and give birth?” We humans have learned through traumas, large and small, to hold-on. Yet, only by letting go to do we cross the bridge into motherhood.

The soaring rate of technology in birth, augmented and instrumental birth, cesarean birth, anesthesia for childbirth, are all modern solutions to the problem of women having difficulty in letting go. Today more and more women are delivered of their babies, by force, because their process of birthing is considered too long, or just plain obstructed. It just takes time to un-build the fortress of our animus. The gentle process of unwinding and giving birth, is perceived by the medical professionals who endeavor to protect us, as, “too risky.” In this environment charged with fear, natural childbirth is becoming more and more rare and endangered.

Thought Field Therapy is a technique of allowing people to perceive the threat, and let it go. It is non-analytical, meaning that the story and traumas are not repeated, which prevents further trauma. Painful experiences and their symptoms are acknowledged and released. In a way, it is a simple technique of tricking people into unbuilding their fortress personalities, and getting layer by layer, back to their authentic selves.

When Thought Field Therapy is used as part of prenatal care, most pregnancy discomforts can be released, and optimal health restored. Thought Field Therapy prepares the mother to come to childbirth feeling deeply safe. She can let down her guard, unbuild the fortress, allow her oxytocin to flow, and arrive for her childbirth experience dressed in her authentic self, ready to open and become a mother, as nature intended it.

~ Ibu Robin Lim