Healing Birth Trauma

A supportive one day workshop for practitioners working with women and families throughout the pregnancy, birth and post birth period. You will learn specific techniques and skills to facilitate healing birth trauma using Thought Field Therapy.

An overview of topics covered:

What is birth trauma? – Women’s stories, current research
Practitioner trauma – How might we bring our own birth trauma to the women we care for and/or trauma from attending births? What are the effects on our practice?
What are the effects of traumatic birth? – On women, subsequent pregnancy/birth, babies, families
How is birth trauma being treated now? – Overview of current interventions/counseling.
TFT: Learning application- practice and demonstration of algorithms including complex trauma algorithm
Introducing the role of diagnosis/self testing/toxins
Using TFT in practice – Integrating TFT with other ways of relating to women.

Experiencing TFT – As a whole group then in small groups (remembering a specific birth, our own birth, etc)Heart-centred movement & relaxation– the power of focused movement for being in heart space for women – preventing trauma, and for the present moment right now – taking in and experiencing what you’ll learn today.

There are no currently scheduled workshops, however private sessions are available.  If you have a group of ten or more participants interested in a course, please contact us and we can arrange one in your area.

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